viernes, noviembre 30, 2012

Un olvidado que vuelve a hacer historia: Vladimir Bakk

Nuestra querida amiga, Ingrid Fliter, nos trae a Vladimir Bakk - enorme pianista cuyo paso por Buenos Aires en los años 70 marcó a varios [entre los que nos contamos] y luego regresó en los 90, momento en que Ingrid tuvo su primer contacto con él.

 Video uploaded by Rayuela23
A tribute to one of the greatest but unfortunately not widely known pianists of all times. Those who had the privilege to know him and to listen to his performances will forever love and admire this hidden genius. Vladimir Bakk was born in Moscow in 1944 and died in 2007 in West Palm Beach at the age of 63.

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Un homenaje a uno de los más grandes pianistas de todos los tiempos que lamentablemente no es tan conocido. Aquellos que tuvieron el privilegio de conocerlo y presenciar sus recitales, admiraremos y veneraremos su genio oculto para siempre. Vladimir Bakk nació en Moscú en 1944 y murió en West Palm Beach en 2007 a la edad de 63 años.

Gracias, Ingrid, por traernos a Vladimir Bakk de regreso a nuestros corazones y oídos. 

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PANOVNIK dijo...

Недавно прочитал:
"...У меня был педагог Рафаил Юрьевич Чернов-ученик Гольденвейзера.
В училище наш курс был совершенно гениальный по талантливости.Володя Бакк, которого почему-то сейчас почти не знают, а он, на мой взгляд, был лучший пианист мира.После него играть было уже смешно."
Это пишет Сергей Дьячков, который уехал, что-бы покорить Запад и вернулся в Россию, что-бы умереть безвестным.
Recently read:
"... I had a teacher Raphael Y. Chernov-student Goldenveiser.
In our school the course was quite brilliant at talent. Volodya Bakke, who for some reason are now almost unknown, and it is, in my opinion, was the best pianist in the world. After his playing was too funny. "
This was written by Sergei Diachkov that left something to conquer the West and returned to Russia, something to die for.

PANOVNIK dijo...

La Danse de Puck dijo...

To my dear Panovnik: A little present for you =>

PANOVNIK dijo...

Dear La Danse de Puck,
Thank you very much!

Records Vladimir Bakka posted on intoclassiks:


La Danse de Puck dijo...

A million thanks for that Intoclassics link! I was going to ask for more recordings by Bakk!! Just an amazing pianist!

Anónimo dijo...

Just forwarding this message from your Avax user account - please check ;)

Subject: Music - The Universal Language - Selected Orchestral Recordings II [10 CD's]


1st off, thanx for this box-set!!

Alas, I cannot locate the final CD 10 (TSCHAIKOWSKY + Fricsay)
which I'm searching for quite a while...

May you guide me, please??

Thanx a bunch in advance!


La Danse de Puck dijo...

OK.... I still don't understand if one of the links doesn't work or what... I sent you a message on AVAX... so get back to me, please...

pvlos dijo...

probably too late to be seen?, but I enjoyed this performance immensely. He had a way of pausing with great effect, in melodic lines, in phrasing, that makes him so clearly visible as a personality. Fluid, limpid, wow...